August 22, 2009

More games

So while I'm taking Eastleigh FC from the Blue Square South to the EPL, I am anxiously awaiting the latest 2010 Football Manager to be released. Sadly, we all have to wait until October, as that's when the latest excuse to not have a social life is released.

However, Championship Manager, the lesser known of management sim's is also coming out with a new version for 2010 as well. The difference between the two franchises is always debatable, though for the past several years Sports Interactive's Football Manager has definitely been the more famous one, with torrents and illegal downloads abound. But, Eidos seems to understand that no matter which game is better this year, both versions will be downloaded and traded online. Because of this, if you preorder the game online, you can pay whatever amount you want (with a minimum £2.50 processing fee). That means, you can get the full game for £2.50 more than free!

Check out their store, and their latest video with details about the upcoming version. I'm not going to lie, it looks pretty good.

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