August 26, 2009


Well here is a good match summary of what happened at Upton Park. Complete madness.

August 25, 2009

West Ham Millwall


West Ham overcame Millwall 3-1 in extra time to send the Lions out of the Carling Cup today. Upton Park then turned into a battlefield.

The FA and London police could have been out in full force, they could have done everything in their power, but no matter what, one man would get stabbed. With the brutal stabbing of West Ham's Davenport and his mother, it seems cruelly unjust that through high emotions, a fan would be stabbed. This is football hooliganism, but then again, United and Millwall is as fierce as it gets.


Oh Lucas. I've got a feeling you're going to be the scapegoat this season.

But really, how's this?

Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Liverpool
Burnley 1-0 Manchester United
Burnley 1-0 Everton
Liverpool 1-3 Aston Villa

August 23, 2009

Can I help you find what you're looking for?

Everyone's favorite footy web comic has come up with a new way of surfing the interwebs, entitled "The Roo's". So far, a good number of clubs (mostly EPL and Scottish) now have customized Google search engines, in addition to flckr, video, and news feeds related to your club.

Go ahead and enjoy your new homepage.

August 22, 2009

More games

So while I'm taking Eastleigh FC from the Blue Square South to the EPL, I am anxiously awaiting the latest 2010 Football Manager to be released. Sadly, we all have to wait until October, as that's when the latest excuse to not have a social life is released.

However, Championship Manager, the lesser known of management sim's is also coming out with a new version for 2010 as well. The difference between the two franchises is always debatable, though for the past several years Sports Interactive's Football Manager has definitely been the more famous one, with torrents and illegal downloads abound. But, Eidos seems to understand that no matter which game is better this year, both versions will be downloaded and traded online. Because of this, if you preorder the game online, you can pay whatever amount you want (with a minimum £2.50 processing fee). That means, you can get the full game for £2.50 more than free!

Check out their store, and their latest video with details about the upcoming version. I'm not going to lie, it looks pretty good.

August 21, 2009

City first English team to win Joan Gamper Trophy

Really, who would've thought. Spend more money than Barcelona FC, and maybe you'll be able to beat them. Sure, the Joan Gamper Trophy is barely more than a preseason friendly, and Barca came knocking on the woodwork more than once. Still, City put up quite the display.

Will this translate back in the Premier League? Any City fan can think so.

Oh fine, I was going to save this gem for later but after watching this at least 20 times, it still makes me lol out loud. Watch the poor girl in the pink become completely overwhelmed in the wall of wave.

Back at it again

Massive apologies. Finally, I have some time to sit down and focus on putting up some quality crap up here. In the next couple days or so, I will be compiling and writing lots of good stuff. Hold tight, I promise.

In the meantime, wet your whistle with this. New trailer, with updated graphics, gameplay, and Fellaini fro. I will be honest, I am very sick and tired of seeing fantastic Fifa trailers over the years and ending being disappointed by the same exact game as the year before, but maybe this time they actually make some tweaks that will make it worth the wait.

Who am I kidding? I will be on the block waiting for the stores to open to play this game.

August 19, 2009

August 18, 2009

GotW: Lift-off

Woosh, into the back of the net like an airplane, goes this week's Goal of the Week.

Come on! Get into the new season! Links and videos!

I'm not going to lie, this 2 Good 2 Bad clip has it quite right.

The brand spanking new 2009/2010 Premier League season couldn't have kicked off with more drab and dreariness. While everyone else is feverishly typing up long drawn out first weekend EPL match reports, I cannot help but notice the obvious lack of excitement and energy in the air. The look on Roy Hodgson's face is pure misery, after what, the first game!

It seems though as if everybody is slowly rolling out of bed, half bleary-eyed half still dreaming of summer transfer fantasies, not wanting to wake up to an entire 40-week season. Can we not just fast forward and skip ahead to the good bit of it? Even with all of this hullaballoo, many still think it's still going to finish the same old Manchester/Liverpoool/Chelsea/Arsenal. For example, here. And here, here, and even Yahoo! Answers. Why go through all the long drawn out bit when we already know how it's going to finish. Oh, wait. There's always that one guy...

Check out Kirk's new tattoo. Yes, that is the Champions League trophy inked on his right gun, accompanied with the legend "Manchester City 2011 Champions League Winners".

Bradley expains his tat: "While I was in the pub one night I was saying how I thought we'd win the Champions League next season and my friend turned to me and said 'If you're so sure why don't you have it tattooed?'

Yes! Why not have something ridiculously untrue permanently tattooed to your arm. Though really, he's only predicting a top four finish for City this year. The Champions League 2011 business, well he might be onto something.


You know what I mean. But, I for one refuse to take the new season with such dreariness (with exception to that City fan). Come on! Get excited! We are the cusp of a new beginning. This is a fresh chapter in history, a chance to write your names in the permanent ink of triumph or failure! (pun intended)

With intentional naiveté, I await the unknown surprises that may unfold. Maybe this is the year Fulham and Villa get into Europe. Or as Drogs has promised, this could be the season that Chelsea play entertaining and attacking football. Let us welcome the overexpectation of failure, like any true lillywhite.

This could be the season I no longer have to be tortured by horrible mindless UEFA Champions League commentary from Tommy "The Onion Bag" Symth.

Most importantly, this season holds the promise that Jimmy Bullard can finally quit acting like such a buffoon on and off the ball, and properly fulfill his tactical responsiblities.

How could I expect any less? It is after all, a new season!

August 14, 2009

This is why I do it pt. 2

TIAS's Spangler has always been fantastic. He put together a good bit about his trip to Azteca and his/our unfortunate disappointment. Here is his article.

What caught my eye is that in the comments of his article, one reader posted this article of another reporter who traveled. Martin Rogers writes for Yahoo Sports, not as the primary soccer correspondent mind you. But he reports that at the match, Mexico's true colors came through.

"The man with the tri-colored mohawk took a swig of beer, stuck his fingers down his throat and vomited the mixture back into his cup. In the next seat another man, who was wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon drawing of the decapitated heads of Barack Obama and Landon Donovan, poured out what remained of the Corona beer he had been chugging and urinated into his cardboard drinks container.

Then, according to a neutral bystander who witnessed these disgusting acts, the pair stood on their seats, high-fived and hurled their vile concoctions in the direction of Donovan, the United States men’s national team star who was preparing to take a corner kick 15 yards away."

The mental image is made worse by the image above, of a cup floating right over Landon's swine infected head. That's not right. I am not bashing on Mexico, and neither is Spangler in his article. In fact, we all recognize that the border war relationship has too many faces on it. But, this is where the beautiful game gets ugly.

Anyways, it's Premier League Eve. I will be putting up a great big write up about it all in a hot minute, now that I have finally got some time. While you wait, find a friend to do this to.

Landycakes ate some bad pork in Mexico

In case you haven't already heard, Landon Donovan got a lot of stick for performing so poorly in the loss to Mexico a couple days ago. Well, the reason why he was so uncharacteristically lethargic was not the altitude or the insurmountable pressure. It was because he had swine flu. Donovan tested positive for the H1N1 strain.

Grant Wahl has him saying this,

"I felt something when I got into Miami on Sunday," Donovan said. "I just felt real bad and finally went to see the doctor. They took a swab from my nose and confirmed it, so that was that."

Now, you can go all paranoid speculative right here, and think maybe some Mexican sympathizers (read: dirty cheats) slipped him some tainted pico de gallo, before or after reaching Mexico, but I wouldn't. (edit: the actual speculation is that he may have received it via some training staff back home) The real speculation is, would the U.S. have performed better if their leading star wasn't unknowingly hampered by a biological terror weapon? I'll let you decide.

Two more days...

I am bored, so I am amusing myself by doing this.

Can you spot the difference in the last two?

OK, fine. Though they kind of look alike, one clearly likes throwing trophies, and one prefers being thrown. Anyway, new guy Carlo seems to think winning the Community Shield is important. More important than the summer's World Soccer Challenge.


August 13, 2009

Backwards Pass

China is an intriguing case study. For a nation of such historical legacy and future potential, they have been able to produce some fantastic athletes. Just look at the past Beijing Olympics, and you can tell that for every sport, there is at least one Chinese person among 4 billion that is good at it. Yet, among all the sports, from gymnastics to swimming, to even basketball, China has consistently failed miserably when it comes to football. I mean, it's mind boggling how disgraceful and truly talentless any sort of football is in China, from the Chinese Super League to the national team.

The thing is, everyone in China knows this. There is a saying that even the mothers of the coaches and players wouldn't watch their sons play. The image and reputation of football in China is tarnished by consistent fan violence, player violence, and horrid sportsmanship. Even the Chinese FA knows they have their work cut out for them.

So it's no surprise, that during a match between Beijing Guoan and Tianjin Teda, who are fairly large rivals in the CSL, after some harsh calls from the referee, not one, or two, but at least eight players and one club official were involved in a fracas. At least one player chased down the referee. You can clearly see in the video that the referee is running for his life, as police and stewards stand about dumbly.

After all the dust had settled, and the match referee had gone home to change his shorts, the Chinese FA swiftly laid down the law. The main aggressor, as seen in the video chasing the referee a-la-Michael Ballack, was handed a lifetime ban from competition in China. The goalkeeper and a midfielder were given three year bans. China Daily also reports,

"Two other players were banned for 30 months; two received two-year bans; one was booted for 10 matches and another for five matches. An official from Tianjin was also banned for a year."

Since most of the players are young and in their early 20's these bans effectively end their careers and dreams of playing for their country. But really, you think 5 or 6 long-term bans is going to clean up the football scene in China. It is after all a communist state. Cut off their feet! Sell their possesions! Put them into the Nike and Addidas sweatshops to make socks and boots!

I for one find this frustrating. It's clear there is talent in China. Li Tie, Sun Jihai. Even look at Dong Fangzhou and Yu Dabao. If China really wants to make the most of the potential they have, it's about time clubs and organizations change the way they think about the game. No more red cards or lifetime bans. The next temper tantrum, send them to prison in outer Mongolia. Football would be better for it.

August 12, 2009

A Teaser

Kick off to the USA Mexico match is hours away. Here is a small photo collection of past Border War moments.

The Original Winger

In other news, Lee Cattermole has completed his move to Sunderland.

I've always secretly had a soft spot for him. He may not be a looker or have some fancy boots, but this guy is the real deal. In an age of whining and dining, Cattermole is the quintessential English anchor. He works twice as hard as the opponent's hardest working player. He is strong, and straight to the point. Give him a couple more years, I could see him comfortably fitting as captain of a top five team. He's only 21.

Obviously Steve Bruce feels the same way, as he has now brought Cattermole with him to Sunderland.

"As a North East lad, he understands what it means to represent a club in this region and will bring some real bite to our side." Steve Bruce

More transfer nonsense as the silly season isn't officially over until Saturday. The Ribery saga is fresh with another €46.5 bid and even more rumors of a seperate switcheroo deal involving Jose "The Eyebrow" Bosingwa.

So why am I doing this?

This blog post is going to explain, hopefully, why I decided to take the dive into footy blogging.

Alright, well. It should be clear that my life is 100% consumed by soccer/football/futbol (in overly masculine latin voice). I play it, I watch it, and I support my teams. Then I take it even further, by having at least three online fantasy football teams in at least ten different leagues, follow at least 10+ blogs religiously every day, and waste countless hours away playing my one of many soccer video games (Eastleigh FC, champions in FM09). I wear my colors, I shout and sing at matches, and I am the most obnoxious backseat manager/player of all time. In essence, I appreciate the beautiful game.

At the same time, I have to live in the real world. Sadly, I am forced to take time off from all things footy to actually try to have a life. But just like any other fan, I relish the weekends for the short 90 minutes I have to forget everything else in the world and to live and die by my dreams. I mean, when I am away for long periods of time, food loses it's taste, beer makes me sleepy, and breathing seems repetitive. Where is the glory of landing a date with the hot chick you've eyed all year if Stoke City hadn't pulled off the upset against Arsenal? It's not the same really, when you stub your toe and Fernando Torres tears his ACL.

Let me amplify my point. U.S.A. - Mexico is tomorrow night. In between exams, research, work, and indoor beer league, I hope to catch at least a little bit of the historic night. This will be a truly epic game. The United States have never beat Mexico in their home turf. The winner of this match will be in the driver's seat for World Cup qualification. Further, this match will be the entrance exam for rising American heroes Howard, Dempsey, and Altidore, or can be a confirmation for a Mexican side desperately looking to reemerge from mediocracy. There is a massive amount of man pride on the line. You can bet, whoever wins tomorrow will be at the border, taunting the losers through the barbed wire fence.

To say this game will be entertaining is, well, obvious. But to say this game is important is an understatement. The unfolding of events for Team USA have come at the most opportune time. American players are proving they can cut it at the top flight, news agencies likes ESPN and the WSJ are cashing in on the ballooning popularity. For the first time in America, a sport culture is surging to the top without a mass-marketed corporate sponsorship, but by pure and simple appreciation for what soccer is. It's a world sport, and it's starting to grow from it's humble grassroots into a full fledged, well, grassroots movement.

Ahem. Sorry. Anyways, the point I am trying to make is that tomorrow night could be the World Series of Poker finals, or the World Series of baseball. Either way, I wouldn't be watching nor would I care. But Team USA, that's like, the '92 Dream Team, or the 1980 hockey finals. Because it is soccer, and it is just as American as Freedom Fries. In the end, it is never just another sporting event. Soccer has always been able to transcend sport. This is hard nosed American brute force versus saucy and stylish Mexicans. This is border war.

Tomorrow, I'll forget that I have debts to pay and chores to do. Dishes can wait. History cannot. For soccer, I will do that.

USA 3-1.

Edit:Not. El Tricolor downs Los Gringos 2-1. Bah.

August 11, 2009

Backwards Pass

After six years of defensive action for Newcastle, Steven Taylor had this to say.

"I've read every week that next week Alan is going to be named manager. Then Joe Kinnear is going to get the job, then Kevin Keegan and then Alan Shearer again. I don't get it. The club is a joke." football365

Well then.

Most people couldn't be pressed to think of a better way to cut ties with a club. But with the way things have been going in the northeast, this is hardly a surprise. In fact, it's almost as if we've been waiting for someone to just come out and say it. So really, the first step towards a healthy recovery is recognizing your club is a ridiculous laughing stock sham. Just ask Obafemi Martins.

It happens to the best of us at some point. Once you've hit rock bottom, you've got nowhere to go but up. Just a minor set back really, they'll be back where they belong in no time. Right?

Oh wait. Leeds United. Right.

Edit: Oh man, this just gets worse. Playmaker winger Jonas has just come out to 'vow that he joins the exodus out of Newcastle'. You can't really blame him, as he will be looking to cement his place in the Argentina squad for a World Cup ticket. Goodbye miserable cold and horrendous football, hello Greek sunshine.

August 10, 2009

Not quite ready yet...

With the Premier League to start this weekend, most teams are left working out the kinks. Chelsea's Carlo Ancelotti has come out many times already saying that the team are ready, and no more transfers are to be made. Yet, even with the first league game so close, rumors are still flying that Chelsea is still looking for that one signing.

"According to The Sun, Chelsea have made contact with Bayern Munich in regards to a possible deal for Franck Ribery.

It is claimed that the Stamford Bridge club will offer around €47 million for the French playmaker, a fee that would supersede Manchester City's UK record €42.5m purchase of Robinho."

That would make Franck the highest transfer in England. After a summer of being chased, I think Ribery's move, if at all possible, will come down to the wire. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a Chelsea shirt by September. I think it's the signing that all of the club at Chelsea have been patiently waiting for.

GotW: Free Fallin'

"ssssssss gayyyy"

I think that sound means "Holy Shit".

Keeping up with this islander theme from my last post, Everton decided to kick off their away kit unveiling with another haka. Beats me as to why? Really, if pink stripes is enough of a reason to yell and stomp like wild men, what should Newcastle have done?

Personally, I would have loved to see Joey Barton eat a small puppy, right as the curtains fall at the unveiling press conference of the banana kit.

August 6, 2009

Following the 4-0 loss, the Easter Islanders proceeded to jump off the cliff

Not really, but seeing a haka performed at a football match is just as odd a sight.

It's happening...

Jozy is getting his big break. It is expected that today, Hull City announce a one-year loan deal for the big Jozze.

To be honest, he really didn't look good in yellow. Orange and black hoops would be better... mmm, yeah.

August 5, 2009

GotW: Just go home, hang up your boots, and call it a day

First ever Goal of the Week, what a way to start this off.

This man deserves it. I would be happy to die in my sleep after pulling off this spectacular goal. Hands down, this tops my list of most spectacular goals of all time.

Off to watch the littlest little man in the world

His feet tastes like timber in a crackling fire. He runs like sparks flying. He dices through the Seattle defense, in front of 60,000 screaming fans in Rave Green.

August 4, 2009

First Post

Alright. This is it. I've finally gone and done what I've been dreaming to do for a long time, but just never had the guts or will to do it. Today begins my journey, my brand new adventure, in blogging. It's summer, I have plenty of free time. With the Premier League starting off soon again, this seems the perfect way to kick off the 2009/2010 season.

This is Backwards Pass. Every day, I will be covering some point in soccer, and hopefully I will be able to provide some sort of cheeky insight.