February 23, 2010


Well I spent the past weekend at the biggest party in the world. I've never been to a place that comes close to the madness that is Vancouver, Canada right now. I know snow is usually a bad thing on a grass pitch, but I took some time to enjoy watching some hockey. If anyone is within reason to visit the Winter Olympics, I highly recommend it.

Anyways, I've been thinking for the past couple weeks that this place needs an overhaul. I might get some good design up here. We shall see. 

February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year, You Still Suck

Actually, it was the lunar new year last night all around the world, but for the first time in a lunar century, China have something to celebrate on the pitch. They won the mini-tourney East Asian Cup, ahead of Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong (who really are just a formality). I don't quite understand the purpose of this cup other than World Cup warmup for Japan and Korea, but the level of rivalry and hatred between all three Asian giants always results in at least a handful of red cards. The final 3-1 match between Korea and Japan was no different, with a sending off to each side.

The sad fact is that this win is meaningless, other than another sorry reminder of the potential that China holds. For having so many people in one time zone, the fact that the best Chinese export outside of cheap textiles was former Evertonian Li Tie stands in the face of the PRC's sorry record. Despite the meaningless trophy, China's domestic league is still being threatened by a late start because of the insanely deep corruption within the league. Then again, it is difficult considering the level of boneheaded stupidity within China's government controlled bureaucracy, which seems to act against obvious logic.

I've always thought that with enough time obvious talent and potential will emerge, no matter what may stand in the way. Maybe for the most populous country in the world who didn't even come close to qualifying this summer, maybe this will give a taste of how to go about letting that talent through.

February 11, 2010

All that I touch will turn to gold


Goodbye Sven, where to next?

Sepp Blatter has Charm... with Words


You wonder by now, surely, who hasn't taken a swing at the Terry scandal so far? We've got journos, players, coaches, and old American television farts. But let's step up the classiness and sophistication here. 
"FIFA President Sepp Blatter is surprised that John Terry has been sacked as England captain and has said that the centre-back would have been applauded in some countries for having an alleged affair... Blatter joked that in "Latin" countries, Terry's conduct may not have been considered a problem."

Oh, do you hear that? Yes, exactly. That is the sound of dumb silence that follows Sepp Blatter's bald head. In this case, if you are "Latin", don't be mad. Even though he's already labeled 1.5 continents as emotionally promiscuous, you wouldn't want him calling you "anti-Africa" as well.

February 9, 2010

FIFA shows true colors, re-hires nincompoop ref

This is the man who broke the hearts of millions, and not just for drunken Irishmen. You may already know it, but I am a little resentful towards him, and towards bad refereeing in general, but I am not here to touch on the whole camera/traditional refereeing debate.

Nope, just pissed off and frustrated at another perennial annoyance. This.

FIFA has released the list of 30 referees that will be officiating the matches this summer. Somewhere in that crowd of blue, Martin Hansson's bald head is standing there open-mouthed breathing. This was the only response I could come up with in my head.


Bravo FIFA.

February 7, 2010

Add this to list of erie coincidences


It's odd how looking forward to this summer's clash of country and colony, of friends and foes, that there are so many little bits and pieces leading up to great clash. But this is just weird. 

If you haven't already read the tiny bits here and there, well the current dramafest going on over the Terry-Bridge affair scandal is not too unfamiliar. In fact, the guy pictured above hugging the bearded homeless man, who for some reason actually gets a nickel for his opinions, was the Terry of the 90's. For the United States. 

He captained the Red, White, and Blue through qualifiers and a thrilling Copa America run that defeated Argentina and Mexico, on the way to a France 98 appearance. Only, months before the World Cup, Harkes was dropped from the team for "personal and leadership issues". It was never openly stated why he was dropped, but losing your captain in a sketchy, "Why is he not here and why is Wynalda so pissed?" kind of way is not a good morale booster right before you board the plane. 

The odd thing is that everyone was not-so-subtly reminded of this historic event when Eric Wynalda (the Wayne Bridge here) masochistically reopened the wound on live television on his Fox Football Fone-in show.

"There's a lot of similarities between what happened to us in '98 and what's happening now to England," Wynalda told the AP. "It's an unfortunate time for England, because I know how that can affect a team firsthand. Obviously, we all know how we did in the World Cup in '98." - Eric the Idiot

Now, maybe it's OK because it's something to talk about. I mean, the football media love talking about anything but football. Speeding tickets, car accidents, Posh's latest fashion charity, and personal lives. Nothing is untouchable. But what if there is the risk of ruining your own chances at the world's biggest stage? Nah, screw it! We are heartless tabloids! We want to make money! The World Cup can fuck itself!

But the thing that irks me more is how Wynalda decided to blurt out the little history he had with this "situation" that he feels he can relate to so well. I mean, I'm not going to call it attention-whoring, or even sympathy diving. But, how do you think it makes Harkes feel, when now coach Sampson comes out and says, "well, you know, it's true." I don't think just because you were the victim and goat-bearer of the reason behind the 98 utter failure, you are allowed to get sympathy points. In fact, for the amount that I hated John Harkes before this whole mess, I think I hate Eric Wynalda a little bit more.

February 5, 2010

Terry axed

Terry is out as captain. Not completely sure, but it seems after meeting with Fabio, it was the gaffer's decision. However, JT seems set to take it on the chin and deliver nonetheless. The bigger question is not Terry's commitment to country, but if the back four will be formed and functional enough to play together. And of course, can Rio step in to fill in some much needed boots? Should it even be Rio?

February 1, 2010


Let's see what unfolds, updates to come as transfers happen. Biggest stories today could end up being the rusky Pavylchenko. Let's see how this fairly quiet transfer window unwinds. I'll get a summary up later.