February 11, 2010

Sepp Blatter has Charm... with Words


You wonder by now, surely, who hasn't taken a swing at the Terry scandal so far? We've got journos, players, coaches, and old American television farts. But let's step up the classiness and sophistication here. 
"FIFA President Sepp Blatter is surprised that John Terry has been sacked as England captain and has said that the centre-back would have been applauded in some countries for having an alleged affair... Blatter joked that in "Latin" countries, Terry's conduct may not have been considered a problem."

Oh, do you hear that? Yes, exactly. That is the sound of dumb silence that follows Sepp Blatter's bald head. In this case, if you are "Latin", don't be mad. Even though he's already labeled 1.5 continents as emotionally promiscuous, you wouldn't want him calling you "anti-Africa" as well.

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