August 14, 2009

This is why I do it pt. 2

TIAS's Spangler has always been fantastic. He put together a good bit about his trip to Azteca and his/our unfortunate disappointment. Here is his article.

What caught my eye is that in the comments of his article, one reader posted this article of another reporter who traveled. Martin Rogers writes for Yahoo Sports, not as the primary soccer correspondent mind you. But he reports that at the match, Mexico's true colors came through.

"The man with the tri-colored mohawk took a swig of beer, stuck his fingers down his throat and vomited the mixture back into his cup. In the next seat another man, who was wearing a T-shirt with a cartoon drawing of the decapitated heads of Barack Obama and Landon Donovan, poured out what remained of the Corona beer he had been chugging and urinated into his cardboard drinks container.

Then, according to a neutral bystander who witnessed these disgusting acts, the pair stood on their seats, high-fived and hurled their vile concoctions in the direction of Donovan, the United States men’s national team star who was preparing to take a corner kick 15 yards away."

The mental image is made worse by the image above, of a cup floating right over Landon's swine infected head. That's not right. I am not bashing on Mexico, and neither is Spangler in his article. In fact, we all recognize that the border war relationship has too many faces on it. But, this is where the beautiful game gets ugly.

Anyways, it's Premier League Eve. I will be putting up a great big write up about it all in a hot minute, now that I have finally got some time. While you wait, find a friend to do this to.

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