October 5, 2009

Backwards Pass: No Love Lost

(photo soccernet.com)

So I don't know if all of this is because of Adebayor's havoc-wreaking goal celebrations, or if it is just a tacky theme through all of football these past couple years, but why do players who've been broken off by their old teams (well, except Adebayor) insist on showing respect and professionalism? Richard Dunne is the latest example, who over the past summer's spending spree, was unglamorously booted from City, after years of loyal servitude in exchange for some greedy mercenaries.

It's more of a reflection of Dunne's character that he did not celebrate the opening goal against is former team, than it is a reflection of the game. It just seems lately that all of this "old team that I bled for, the fans made me leave, Sir Alex didn't say I was his favorite" nonsense is somehow constantly focused around City.

Enough of it, you have every right to celebrate it. Appropriately. No sprinting the length of the field. No restrained celebration. No saying before the match has even begun that you will overly celebrate your goal on purpose and then not even score in the derby.

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