December 24, 2009

My excuse is...

Well really, don't got one. To be blatantly honest, with the past two weeks I've had finals, family coming from all over, and now I am in Canada. And you know, I swear I sat in front of my screen getting ready to post something new, and fell asleep. That is my dedication to the freepressmachine that I am running here.

But don't you think for a second that I could leave. Oh pashaw, on the contrary. The last couple days I guess I've been slowly recuperating, but so much has been happening in the world of footy. I've not only got to recharge my brain, but also wrap it around crap like Landycakes heading for failure, Mancini in, everybody and their mother's 10-best lists, blah blah. And I've had some time to think about the recent going-on's, so I'll be back with two words about Hughes leaving.

In any case, while I SAY I'll be back, here's a class interview with everyone's favorite cock.

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