January 15, 2010

Blatter Part 2: God damnit

This is why I hate FIFA, bureaucrats, and politics in sports.

No, change that. I hate this man.

Jerome Champagne, a rival of Blatter within FIFA's ranks, was forced out after it was revealed he challenged Blatter over his role as director of international relations. Again, Champagne was described as one of Blatter's closest friends and most trusted advisor. This seems to officially kill any and all opposition to Blatter's throne next year.

So in another political move of removing any voice of opposition, this is what the latest victim had to say to Blatter after the announcement of his demotion.

Champagne said he wished "to thank Joseph S. Blatter for the real privilege of having been able to serve the world of football over the years, all in the noble cause of helping to build a better world.''

Fuck. That.

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