March 19, 2010

Possible Leaked 2010 Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool Kits

So I remember a couple years ago when AIG replaced Vodaphone, that it was declared the most lucrative shit sponsorship in football history. I remember thinking that it all must have been a part of the soon-to-blow bubble, and that there would be nothing else to come close to that, but wait. New shirt sponsor Aon to take over for 20 million a season. Wait. What? Aon is also an American Insurance company? Can they please get a policy against this?

I love this. I have a feeling a half green and yellow away kit for next season would go well all around.

Liverpool caught wind of this, and decided to try and one-up the Mancs on absolutely hideous design.

The authenticity of these is questionable, as the away kit has a Champions League patch. Why would they need that? Here is a better possibility, but with no shirt sponsor yet.

While we're speculating kits, here's an interesting throwback idea.

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  1. Awesome jerseys, my favorite ones are form Arsenal, they always come up with some great designs, plus the colors are awesome.