April 18, 2010

Title Chances Gone for Arsenal?

Let's let some math do the talking.


So this morning, along with every other article out there came the headline "Arsenal's Title Chances Gone" or "Door slammed shut, title dreams killed". Well, I wanted to find out just how 'killed' they were. Let's do some math.

These are the calculated and plotted probabilities of teams winning the Premier League. As you can probably guess, the top brownish color is Chelsea at 66.1%, with Manchester United trailing in red at 33.9%. After today's inspirational defeat to Wigan, Arsenal's chances are 0.1%.

Yeah, but I didn't need statistics to tell you it's a two horse race now.

BTeeDubs, the graph came from SportsClubStats.com. I absolutely love the website because it uses so many odd statistical methods for so many leagues, well, it's just too comprehensive. I do encourage you to check it out, as it's always fun to use some rational methodology to your drunken wagers against friends.

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  1. Thank you sir for linking to my little site, with a color key and everything!