December 10, 2010

Ronaldinho Going to Los Angeles Galaxy

OK, not really. It's nowhere near official, but trust me (or your own brain) on this one. Rumors are flying everywhere, and all signs are pointing towards it.

We all know Fat Ronaldinho loves to party. And we all know that Hollywood does nothing but party. LA seems like such a good fit for an aging former-World Footballer of the Year. Plus, it would be another chance to reconnect with David Beckham.

The only thing is, does LA even want Ronnie? For the money and power that he somehow still commands (you'd be surprised how many Wizards jerseys MJ sold), I'd like to think that  MLS doesn't even need Ronaldinho. After a stellar last year building off of true American talent like Edson Buddle, Omar Gonzalez, and Landon Donovan, do they really need a foreigner, making three times the amount the rest of the team does, sitting out half the season, just as Beckham did?


  1. man fuk your self americans willl never play like brazilians you are hater ... you just mad because american football not world wide and dosnt play all over the world ronaldinho will always be the best and if he so garbage why they ofering more money ? you can tell you dont know shit bout the real football !!! americans will always suck at football ( soccer to americans!!) google ronaldinho see what he did and who he is then you can talk fuking dum ass!!