September 13, 2009

I am back! Two weeks is a long time in footy world

I am back from my unannounced leave. Apologies to everybody, but I did not realize that at my past location that Youtube, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc would be blocked. For the past two and half weeks I was halfway around the world in China, for a short vacation of sightseeing and visiting family.

My dad is currently working and living in Beijing, so he got our family to go for a wonderful sightseeing visit. Beijing is incredible, as the entire city is one giant shimmering metropolis. I also went to Hufei, Qingdao, and Shanghai. If any of you get the chance, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting China, despite whatever difficulties. It truly is an incredible country.

So, while I was in China, I was unable to blog! Any websites that are content related are blocked by the Chinese government, even if it's a small footy blog. But, I was however able to follow the world of football with sporadic internet connectivity. Two and half weeks is a monster amount of time in the world of sport, especially football. I watched many matches, followed transfer deadlines, and caught up on gossip while I was away, but now I must get up to speed and keep up my writing.

But not before I reveal this little gem.

Taxi cabs in China have always been just as numerous as bicycles, and they used to be run down and beat up pootermobiles. These days, however, taxi cabs in Shanghai have stepped it up a notch with in-car interactive entertainment for the taxi riders. Guess what I saw while I was in one of these taxis.

Yup, that is Jose Mourinho's smug mug on the back of a taxi headrest in Shanghai, China.

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