September 15, 2009

So what message was this about?

The two match European ban on Eduardo has been lifted by the UEFA appeals committee.

In other news, UEFA continues to be operated and run by mood-swinging and PMS-ing little girls. This was such an opportunity to finally put a foot down on the biggest villain in all of organized sports, worse than oily Arabs and Russian blood money, illegal touching, er, tapping of children, and far more worse than Posh Spice: diving. We all know it exists, much like the basic vices and sins I just listed, it is a part of the fabric of how the game is played. And unlike Arabs and Americans buying clubs as presents for their children, the act of diving and the cheats that dive are the single things we all wish would disappear from the game for good.

But then Real Madrid would have no roster. And nothing of value was lost.

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