November 20, 2009

Biggest Match Fixing Probe in European History

So far, 15 suspects have been arrested, 50 raids carried out producing €1m in cash, with over €10m ($15m) in illegal betting proceeds, and a total of 200 matches around Europe suspected of fixing including 3 Champions League fixtures.

The Financial Times has this,
"This is without a doubt the biggest fraud scandal to ever hit European football,” said Peter Limacher of the Union of European Football Associations. “We are deeply shocked."
All of these numbers have just been released, but police from four different countries are already involved with more suspects and illegal money still expected. This is turning into the kind of criminal gang ring you see in movies.

The game is dirty folks, that's just how it is. But if UEFA and FIFA can handle this the right way, it would be a huge statement for other organizing bodies that match-fixing can be taken care of.

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