December 4, 2009


I am salivating, jittery, shaking, and about ready to poop my pants.


Can you believe this draw? I don't even know what to say, thank you oh magical World Cup.

I cannot wait until next summer. Your thoughts on the draw? Give me some time to recollect my brain and my chin from the floor, I'll be back with a better reflection of what this draw truly means.


  1. i saw that the english media is happy about the draw, i read it in BBC, and I saw it live in interview with Tervor Francis.

    i don't agree at all. yes, the teams don't have the history, but i was following each team recently i have very different opinion.

    algeria is a team that no one wants to meet. They play very tough team work pressing on the whole field with quick counter attacks.

    Whoever saw USA in the confederation cup knows that this team is not the old USA anymore. It is not any less than Portugal or France. It is the only team to beat Spain in the last 2 years.

    Slovania impressed me a lot when the way they beat Russia.

    For me, the easiest group si the Argentina one.
    S. Korea are just okay.
    Nigeria is far from the thrills of its name. It is the weakest side today from Africa after the host.
    Greece might be the least impressive european side in the world cup. and the maximum they aim is a tie.

    Spain group is a one to celebrate. I think Spain will have easy games before going to the second round.

    Also the first group is an easy one. France and Mexico should not have much trouble to qualify. Uruguay is kinda impotent since long time. Nothing was impressive in the way they qualified. S. Africa could be the first host ever to disqualify from round1.

    I think only Holland got a tougher group than England. The others, are equally difficult.

  2. I wouldn't write off South Africa so fast. There is just something about hosting that instills good luck. And they were just as unpredictable as USA in the ConfedCup.

    It seems though that Spain and Italy will be playing second string teams at some point. There are still plenty of underdogs that don't have the pressure of expectations who will undoubtedly blow everyone's minds out of nowhere. And by this I mean Alexis Sanchez, Marek Hamsik, and Roque Santa Cruz.

    But Portugal - Brazil should be one of the best ties yet.

  3. I don't believe that Algeria or Slovenia are easy, but I still think that it is a favorable draw for the US and England. Both Algeria and Slovenia went through quite the emotional qualfication process to get to the World Cup somewhat unexpectedly. I think that they may not have the same fire in them as just being there will seem like a victory.

  4. Both Algeria and Slovenia were heavy underdogs through qualification, but they overtook very formidable and strong sides though not in the most convincing fashion.

    Again, even though this is all merely speculation (but it's so much fun), you simply cannot write off underfavored group ties. A look at the USAs record alone will show you that.

  5. i dont claim that the group is very tough. still England is the most favorable to qualify. yet, none of the games would be easy.

    in 2006, there was a very easy team, Trinidad and Tobago. in 98, there was the impotent team, Tunisia 1998.

    let me put a little comparison, 1990 England (dream team) beat Egypt 1-0 after a tough game.

    Egypt today had its best ever team in its history, even far better and more mature than the 1990 one. They lost to Algeria 2 out of 3 games this year.