December 5, 2009

Two losses on the trot

What can be said about Chelsea now, after the quiet, yet loud, losses from Blackburn and now Citeh. Today's loss (or should I say missed penalty by Lampard) comes after an extremely noisy week of positive press out of Stamford Bridge. First Ray Wilkins saying Ancelotti breeds invincibility, Terry saying this is the year Chelsea win EVERAYTHANG, and most surprising of all (and much to the chagrin of a former Portugeezer) Ricky saying Ancelotti's record breakers are even stronger than they've ever been before. And then they just go and lose and prove that more money beats less money.

In any case, this loss will most likely be only a small hiccup come spring. I don't expect things to change too drastically. In fact, the win will probably buy Hughes another day of air, and maybe two or three more strikers.

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