January 15, 2010

Backwards Pass: Bin Hammam, better than Blatter?

AFC head honcho has come out to suddenly backtrack on his disagreement with Sepp Blatter. Rumors were flying that FIFA president hopeful came out against Blatter in a row over allocation of funds for grassroots football in Africa. However, though the two have been described as good friends, bin Hammam seems quick to smooth over any rough edges.

It's understandable to do this for political reasons, if bin Hammam is really trying to move for the presidency, in maybe the next decade (or sooner if Blatter will finally roll over and die, good riddance). But it does nothing  else other than to solidify Blatter's monopoly on control and power within FIFA. Holy hell, even Platini doesn't have the balls to tell Blatter he is wrong to his face. In other words, Mohammad bin Hammam has the balls to stand up and do what he thinks is right. But is his meager 8 years of experience enough to guide him wisely?

He most likely won't be FIFA president for a long while, if at all, but damnit, we need more people like him coming out against Blatter.Sepp Bladderhead needs more reminders that he is not God Almighty.

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