April 8, 2010

Officially more exciting than the Champions League

That's right. The UEFA Cup/Europa League/whatever the hell it is, is officially more exciting than that competition named something that Barcelona are going to win again.

Fulham pulled off a shocker by downing Wolfsburg, and they move on to face more of those "typical germans". Meanwhile, Valencia and Atletico was just boring, as David Villa and Aguero just sat there talking about how they should have moved to London.

Hamburg finished the last of Liege. They're currently experience something of a reverse-Liverpool right now, but they are still dangerous. Evidence -> see Petric.

And of course, the team that guaranteed Europe. Well, they're kind of on track. But not before KUYT.

So there's your match-ups for the final four. I'm picking a Fulham - Liverpool final, where Clint Dempsey styles on everybody and in the post-final celebrations freestyle raps using his ill-chosen MC name Deuce.

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