April 12, 2010

Top 10 Players for MLS to DP, I mean, sign as DP's


I always thought Jen Chang was a weird guy. No doubt, he's been in the field for a long time, I remember always seeing his articles up on Soccernet. However, now I am convinced this veteran knows what he's talking about. I mean, he put Fernando Morientes on his list for top MLS Designated Player players.

I really like that. Because I really like Fernando Morientes. It's about time my lust for long-time childhood hero came out of the blogocloset and was revealed (no homo).

Check out the article here!

Not even kidding though, this guy gives has the best head in the world, as evidenced in this saucy video. I get turned on every single time I see this goal. Not to mention the ravaging he gave Chelsea. (no homo). OK, for real though, I think he is the most technical player in the air, even today well past his prime. Not to mention the legendary status he has with Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.

Enuff gushing, check it out.

*edit: I think I'll get my own version of this list up in a bit...

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